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How are you feeling today?

Let us know how you feel and we will help you on your way with a good conversation. Which of these three feelings do you feel apply to you the most?

How does it work?

In a few clicks we will connect you safely and quickly with a recognized online psychologist or psychotherapist.

Answer some questions about your preferences.

Which topic would you like to discuss? Would you prefer to talk to a man or a woman? We take that into account.

Choose from three recommended mental sidekicks

We will present you with three possible mental sidekicks with a photo, a bio text, specializations and rates. You can choose who you'd like to become your mental sidekick.

Start with a free introductory meeting

You'll get to know each other during a 15-minute introductory meeting. Your mental sidekick explains how he or she works and you can explain what you want to talk about.

Start your journey towards a mentally healthier life.

Do you feel a connection? Schedule your first consultation and work with your mental sidekick to boost your mental health.


The average price for an online consultation is 60 euros.

We'll lower the threshold for you

Madelon, 30

"There was an immediate click during my first free introductory meeting. I was immediately convinced that I wanted to start the therapy."

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