Mission first

In this achievement-oriented society, everyone needs a reliable mental sidekick from time to time. Someone to fall back on when you're not feeling well for an extended period of time. We know how big the step can be sometimes.

BloomUp Team

BloomUp offers you a safe environment and a professional network to strengthen your mind in an easy, accessible and personal way.

Our goal is to give your mental well-being the boost it deserves. So that you feel stronger than ever. We take on this challenge together with you! With your personal growth and increasing your mental resilience as a common goal.  


What we stand for

Mental support at your fingertips

It has never been easier to start working on your mental health. Our goal is to make mental support as accessible as possible, supported by technology. This way, everyone can actively engage in personal development and daily wellness in a safe environment.

Healthier and happier

Seeking mental support is not something you do lightly. You want to change something, get something going and most importantly feel good about yourself. That's why we focus on a personal and emotional transformation of your mental well-being. We want to bring you closer to yourself, so that you feel more at peace and energized. BloomUp gives you the time and space to talk to your mental sidekick. Someone who looks with you, feels with you and gives you that outside perspective when you need it. So you can feel healthier and happier again.

On the road together

We want to help you become mentally stronger. Everyone goes through difficult times in their lives. No one should have to go through it alone. Your mental sidekick is ready to guide you. We create a safe environment where you have the time and space to find yourself and feel better than ever.


Together towards a more mentally resilient Belgium