Accessible, personal and safe

Together on the road with your mental sidekick

Taking the step towards mental help can be a big challenge. We want to reduce the step by offering a very accessible solution. We are your partner in mental health and make sure your employees get free, easy and fast access to our mental sidekicks. Booking a session has never been easier.

Personalized guidance and support

We don't believe in one solution that works for everyone. Every employee has different needs and requirements. We do everything we can to match your employees with a professional that is 100% in line with their preferences.

A safe and familiar environment

We want to ensure that everyone can speak freely about any topic. Trust is therefore our most important value and we share that value with our community. All professionals are also bound by professional secrecy. So your employees are in safe hands.


The best mental help for your employees


years of practical experience on average



specialties, distributed among +150 healthcare providers



therapy languages (NL, FR, EN, PT, ES, DE)


Verified with care by BloomUp

The quality of care at BloomUp is our top priority.

Our Criteria

All professionals at BloomUp are clinical psychologists, orthopedagogues or licensed psychotherapists who hold a Health Care Agency accreditation document. They attend supervision or intervision on a frequent basis.

Our selection process

After an initial selection, all candidates are interviewed by our BloomUp community manager. Among other things, we check their motivation to join and what digital skills they have. We want to be more than just an intermediary and work side by side with professionals who fully support our approach, our values and our vision.

What we are looking for

At BloomUp, we believe that there is a suitable professional for everyone. We select mental sidekicks who use different approaches (e.g. solution-focused and CBT), from different nationalities and with diverse cultural backgrounds. This way, we guarantee a diversity of profiles.

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